Fastrac V

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your Fastrac II, III or IV controller! Most spare parts for Fastrac II, III and IV are no longer available. Reduce your business risk and for a limited time, trade in your Inglett Fastrac II, III or IV and get a new Fastrac V Conversion Kit for $1,000 off list price. To qualify for the credit…purchase your new controller, have it installed by a Fischbein factory authorized service technician…and send your old controller to Fischbein for the $1,000 credit. To learn more about trading in your Fastrac Controller, call 704.838.4626. Hurry! Offer expires 12/31/2010. See more about Fastrac V


• Fast, accurate weighments
• Automatic adjustment for best performance and speed
• Automatic and scheduled scale calibration and tare
• User-friendly controls with visual system display panel
• Expanded memory that stores up to 250 bagging programs
• Serial communication port for data acquisition
• Complete factory service support