FBS 8300

The 8300B simplex scale is designed for dry/wet feed (up to 10% molasses) and range cubes. The unit comes with a 3.2 CF air operated double-door weigh hopper suspended from nine point flexure lever system with strain gauge weigh sensor modules. The weigh hopper features smooth vertical walls for quick product discharge and clean out.

The 8300B features FASTRAC V™. a menu-driven, interactive soft ware package that’s user friendly, requires minimal operator input and operates the unit’s two-speed 17-inch feeder belt to provide bulk and dribble product flow to the unit’s weigh hopper. The software also automatically calibrates the scale and monitors various operating functions. Based on the specific flow characteristics of the products, the 8300B simplex scale will process 8 to 14 weighments per minute. The 8300B series fills flat and gusseted multi-wall paper, woven and laminated woven polypropylene bags ranging from 12 to 24-inches wide. Constructed from mild steel, the 8300B features a corrosion resistant powder coat painted finish, stainless steel contact parts, free-standing control enclosure and a digital display in pounds or kilos. Available options include various bag clamps, over size weigh hoppers, special anti-corrosion package, foot pedal operation, 40 column printer package and more. The 8300B simplex can be used in conjunction with our automated bag hangers or integrated with our fully automated handling systems.


• Electronic net weigh scale
• Simplex format
• 17-inch wide belt feeder system
• FASTRAC V controller system
• Menu driven
• Dust tight NEMA 12 electrics
• Voltage 220/440 – 3/60
• Air source 3.5 CFM @ 60 PSI
• Weighment size from 25 - 110 pounds
• +/- 1 to 4 oz – product dependent
• Up to 14 weighments per minute

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