Bag Top Former Moving Along (60012)

The bag moves in front of a sensor which triggers the opening of the bag guides. The stretching fingers of the bag top former go down inside the bag, adjust to its width and stretch it while moving along in strict synchronisation with the bag. The bag guides keep the shape and the bag top former finally guides the bag into the infeed of the closing system.

Main Features:

  • Manual height adjustable column: range of 450mm (from 1000mm to 1450mm)
  • Two independent adjustable bag guides (two parts)
  • Stretching fingers adjustable in height
  • Detection of bag by means of a photocell
  • Minimum width of filled bag: 400mm
  • Maximum width of filled bag: 650mm
  • Depth penetration of stretching fingers: +/- 80mm to 100mm
  • Reshaphing process pneumatically controlled
  • Capacity up to 900 bags/hour
  • Dimensions:

height = 420mm
depth = 1105mm
length = 1200mm

  • Consumption of compressed air (dry, clean, 0,6 MPa): 1,5l/bag


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