Sewing at High Speeds

Built with traditional Fischbein craftsmanship, model 200 features a pressurized, self-lubrication system which protects moving parts from dust, particles, ensuring maximum productivity and low maintenance.

Fischbein Sewing Head 200 is the key component for high speed sewing systems. They are manufactured on a double leg pedestal specially designed to decrease vibrations: Speeds up to 2600 stitches/minute can now be reached thanks to:


  •   new in depth studies of mass movements
  •   redesign of some parts
  •   new metallurgic composition
  •   redesign of internal oil flow
  •   special sophisticated surface treatments like in the car racing
  •   a high performance rotary knife: realising a better, one shot, really close to the needle, cut of the thread chain: a great improvement!