The Manual Bagging System 5kg - SEM5

This manual bagging machine will suit perfectly the customers wishing to improve their bagging process without investing in a complex and expensive system.

Thanks to this equipment, the user will be able to fill out and weigh his bags easily and quickly. He will gain time and will be able to rationalize his production. Indeed, the Manual Bagging System 5kg “SEM 5” is used to fill the bags of 1 to 5 kg at a rate of 200 to 300 bags per hour depending on the products, the weighing capacities and the operator’s velocity.

The Manual Bagging System SEM 5 is equipped with:

- A supporting frame
- A stainless steel feeding hopper. For bridging products, a vibrator or a striking pin can be fixed on the hopper
- A stainless steel feeding screw or a stainless steel vibrating channel
- A stainless steel weighing plate
- An electrical control panel
- A programmable digital weighing indicator

This manual bagging system can be integrated in a complete production line and can be set with a conveyor, a mini sewing system or a sealing machine for closing and a revolving table to support the palletization.