The Bag Top Trimmer

The Bag Top Trimmer has two main goals: 

  • It is designed to trim the top of the bag so that the correct amount of bag is available above the seal line, regardless of how the bags are fed or presented. The top of the bag is trimmed in order to be parallel to the seal.
  • The other function of the trimmer is to cut the bag so that the customer has no bag material above the seal line. This will prevent any foreign objects or particles being trapped above the seal line, which represents an essential safety for the food sector.


Fischbein Saxon proposes three models of bag top trimmers. They fit all Saxon Sealers Models. Each model offers variable trim heights: 

  • MK1E Bag Top Trimmer: features a static cutting blade.
  • MK5 Bag Top Trimmer: features a rotating cutting blade. This is an aluminium model.
  • T270 Bag Top Trimmer: features a rotating knife system.







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