SB2000 Validatable

The Saxon SB2000 Validatable has been designed to enhance to the customer the security of the closed bag by producing a 100% validatable and calibrated seal, relating to all the sealers’ parameters.

The SB2000 Validatable sealer will give the customer the ability to record all the set parameters relevant to the sealing of the bag in accordance to the international standard ISO 116072– part 2 (“Packing and terminally sterilized medical devices - Validation requirements for forming and sealing and assembly process”).

It will prove to be an attractive option for medical, pharmaceutical, high end quality food products and chemical sectors where very strict controls are required in the traceability and quality of the sealing process.

The application of the “Validatable” sealer can be used on all Hot Air and Band sealers for the sealing of open-mouth polypropylene, polyethylene bags, paper bags with polypropylene and polyethylene liners, laminated and gusseted bags. 

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