The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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The leader in bag closing and bag handling


Easy, responsive inline weight adjustment enables Infinite fine-tuning during operation. 4-inch Unobstructed Inlet/outlet openings allow easy pass through of large whole muscle meats without damaging product appearance.

Uniform cook. Uniform color. Uniform product.

Our innovative thermal processing technology delivers the uniformity and efficiency no other batch oven or industrial smokehouse can match. All of the essentials built in for repeatable process and consistent processing conditions day after day.

Equipment that fits your needs

  • SH 1000

    The Saxon SH 1000 Hot Air Sealer uses the principle of heat transfer by convection.

  • SR 1000

    The Saxon Radiant is an industrial continuous sealer with a pair of radiant heater bars using the principle of heat transfer by radiation.

  • SB 1000

    The Saxon SB1000 Band sealer uses the principle of transfer by conduction where fixed heating elements heat the bags by direct contract through a pair of bands.

  • DRC 300

    The Double Roll Closer DRC 300 closes paper bags by double fold and with a "hot melt" glue.

  • PBC 6000

    The PBC 6000 closes by gluing pre-glued "pinch" bags.

  • PBC 8000

    The PBC 8000 closes by gluing pre-glued "pinch" bags.

  • TOS 3000-SL

    The TOS 3000-SL closes, by combination of sealing and gluing, paper bags with pre-coated paper tape.

  • TOS 3000-SW

    The TOS 3000-SW closes, by combination of sewing and gluing, paper bags with pre-coated paper tape.

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