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Saxon sealers

"For large outputs, industrial continuous sealers must be considered: low costs and high performances! Their action is based on some of the principles of heat transfer by convection, by conduction or by radiation: convection with hot air sealers, conduction with band sealers and radiation with radiant sealers."

Maximize the performance of your bag closing equipment with genuine Fischbein components

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Sealer Fischbein-Saxon SR1000

SR 1000

The Saxon Radiant is an industrial continuous sealer with a pair of radiant heater bars using the principle of heat transfer by radiation.

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Sealer Fischbein-Saxon SB1000

SB 1000

The Saxon SB1000 Band sealer uses the principle of transfer by conduction where fixed heating elements heat the bags by direct contract through a pair of bands.

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