De Duravant-familie van werkmaatschappijen bedient de segmenten voedselverwerking, verpakking en materiaalbehandeling

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The leader in bag closing and bag handling


Fischbein robot palletizer

Mini-System JDF8-F

Compact and complete mini-system built to be used in the potato and onion industry. It is used for small bags (5 to 30 kg) and low production level.

System JDV8-100

Mobile sewing-system built to be used in the potato and onion industry. It is used for small bags (5 to 30 kg) and high production level.

System MTR

This sewing system is used to close paper, polypropylene, or polyethylene (thickness +/-120 µ) bags

PILS 300

Device for closing “Pinch” style bags (with “staged” gussets at the extremities, made of multi-layers paper with glue pre-applied during the manufacture of the bag) which also include an internal heat-sealable polyethylene bag.

Saxon sealer SH1000

The Saxon SH 1000 Hot Air Sealer uses the principle of heat transfer by convection. It uses ambient air which is transmitted to specially designed heating capsules where it is then passed over a heating cartridge which heats the air close to the bag mouth.

This hot air is then blown onto the bag to promote the sealing process.


The TOS 3000-SW is used in combination with a sewing system called MOS which trims and sew the bag’s top. Then the bag enters the TOS 3000-SW where e a 60mm wide paper tape is applied instantly over the top and both sides of the sewn sides of the bag.


The TOS 3000-SL provides a double closure (sealing the inner liner and closing the bag’s top by applying a tape).


The Airevac system has been developed to extract air from a pillow type plastic bag before the bag is sealed using a Saxon Hot Air or Radiant sealer.

Bag Placer 250

The Bag Placer eliminates the need for manually hanging and holding bags, even of reforming them, freeing the machine operator for other tasks. Used for open mouth, paper, poly, and poly woven laminate bags

Packaging lines 1

Some examples of packaging lines including Fischbein bag closing equipment

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