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Fischbein has launched a new concept: “ALL IN ONE”

In his large products range, Fischbein has recently introduced a new concept: three integrated complete solutions (a scale, a sewing equipment and a conveyor) for closing open-mouth bags!

For a single price including commissioning by our technician, you have a combination of three pieces of equipment which will weigh and bag your product.

Depending on the size of the bag and the output you want to reach, you will choose a specific gross weigher (SEM 5, SEM 30 or model B). a mini sewing system or a sewing equipment (mini sewing system FTS or sewing system MTS) and a conveyor (standard or technical).
In these models of scales, the weighing and bagging operations are simultaneous: the bag is weighed filled with product.

These “ALL IN ONE” solutions are designed for semi-automatic production lines with small to medium capacity (bags from 5 to 30 kg).


Photo by Rob Lambert on Unsplash

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