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Atex version of the Portable sewing machine

Fischbein has recently received an order of several units of the portable ATEX for the Chinese market. The customer packs chemical products in woven polypropylene and paper bags of 25-30 kg. This model of portable perfectly responds to the needs of the customer.

As regard to the use of sewing machines in potentially explosive areas, Fischbein examined the risk of explosion caused by the impact of the needle on the sewing plate or simply a broken needle which might create a “cold” spark by mechanical shock.

To resolve the problem, Fischbein has manufactured a portable “ATEX” sewing machine. This machine features a Teflon-impregnated needle plate, an earthed connecting wire connected to each element of the machine and an anti-static belt. In addition, a custom-sized air motor drives the machine, allowing efficient operating in these conditions.