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Genuine Spare Parts

SEALER Fischbein-Saxon SH1000

Fischbein genuine spare parts are manufactured under the strict and severe guidance, and dedicated quality control of Fischbein Company. The chemical and metallurgical composition of the materials are carefully monitored and all parts undergo specific surface treatments to ensure the best performances. This is the reason why most of our key parts, controlled by our production department, are stamped with the famous Fischbein logo.

The durable characteristics of Fischbein genuine spare parts result from the following elements:

 Accuracy: manufactured to a high level of accuracy in dimensions and geometry

Tolerances: tight tolerances allow old and new parts to be completely interchangeable, always providing the same level of fit

Hardening: all steel components are hardened to provide high resistance to wear and high durability. Hardness characteristics between steel, mating components are matched to ensure that lubrication criteria are always met.

Coatings: parts are coated to inhibit oxidation (rusting) in some cases or in other cases to provide a durable treatment to parts that are exposed to bags and products

Finish: some parts have a very smooth surface. In some cases, this is needed to reduce frictions

Material: material is selected to provide the best performance, the requested reliability, the ability to be hardened and a cost-effective approach to manufacture parts.