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Saxon conveyors

Fischbein-Saxon conveyors is a range that offers a new, versatile, modern and cost
effective range. They are perfectly built to be used in combination with Saxon sealers.
Common characteristics:
-A construction in aluminium for standard applications (control panel IP 54) or in
stainless steel 304 for washdown applications (control panel IP 66)
-All conveyors are driven by a drum motor, except the Vee track model which uses
a motor with gearbox. This allows the conveyor to be produced in a thinner format
and the motor requires less power to operate.
-All conveyors are supplied with frequency inverter for speed control and variations.
All control boxes are lockable and therefore not accessible to unqualified persons.
-The direction of the conveyor is right to left. Left to right direction is optional.
There are two types of conveyors:
1- The flat conveyors
The flat conveyors can be used for a majority of applications, where the product can
either stand up or lay on the conveyor belt on its own or with the support from the bag
guides. The flat conveyors exist in 3 series: light, medium and high duty (with various
widths, lengths,…).
2- The Vee track conveyors
This conveyor has been developed for products, which are of an irregular shape and size
and are prone to move about in the bag during the sealing process. For example, for
products like potatoes or pieces of chicken, the Vee tack conveyors will be strongly