The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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For more than 100 years, Fischbein has designed, manufactured and supported, high quality, innovative bag packaging equipment to a worldwide customer base. Fischbein provides a full range of bag closing equipment and peripherals. Our bagging equipment and system solutions are widely used in the agriculture, animal feed, seed, pet food, fertilizers, chemical, mineral, milling, food, building material, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our Fischbein packaging specialists work closely with our customers to develop the right bag packaging solution to meet their requirements. Our Fischbein team, in conjunction with our worldwide network of highly qualified and factory trained authorized distributors, is committed to delivering the highest levels of product quality, reliability and service – because at the end of the day, we understand that your success is dependent on our product’s performance.


Concerned about safety, Fischbein offers a variety of solutions to pack food products such as spices, frozen products, candies, milk powder and meat.

Building Materials

Fischbein offers several bag closing solutions for products such as cement, decorative stones, tile adhesive, plaster and premixes.


Our Saxon Sealers range features industrials sealers that incorporate a validatable model, ideal for the demanding pharmaceutical sector.


Bagging clay, coal, salt, sand or gravel,we offer a full range of cost effective closing equipement solutions.


Concerned about product leakage, Fischbein offers a range of “siftproof” closing solutions for a variety of chemical products such as pesticides, urea, sulfur, plastic, fertilizers and potash.


Fischbein has a solid experience in the petfood, industry having developed a full range of semi and fully automated bag closing and handling solutions for a variety of dry, free flowing petfood products.

Animal Feed

Fischbein has semi and fully automated bag closing equipement for a variety of dry and free flowing animal feed products.

Agriculture / Seed

We offer a full range of bag closing and handling solutions for free-flowing products that include potatoes, rice, sugar, flour, lentils, vegetables and seeds.