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Airevac System for Saxon sealers

The Airevac system has been developed to remove surplus air from the plastic bag before the bag is sealed using a Saxon Hot Air, Saxon Band or Radiant sealer.


  • No balloon effect of the bag, more stability of the stack when palletising
  • Decrease of the added stress placed on the seal of the bag from the built-up air pressure, preventing the possibility of the bags at the bottom of the stack from bursting.
  • Help to remove trapped air in the product, or free air between the product and the seal line to help to increase the product life.
  • Reduction of the micro organisms that can attack the product, thus lengthen the life expectancy of the product.


  • Product type:
    • Solid type and granule products with an average particle size greater than 0,5 mm (ex: rice, nuts, coffee beans, plastic granules, sand …)
    • Products with dust particles with an average particle size less than 0,5 mme. However, a filter system will be required to prevent the product being released into the atmosphere and damaging the vacuum generator. Powders will be evaluated individually for each application.
  • Can be fitted to the
    • SH1000/SR1000/ SB2000