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SB 1000

Sealer Fischbein-Saxon SB1000


The new SB 1000 is part of the company’s continuing commitment to provide the industry with technologically advanced band sealers for closing all types of plastic bags/pouches in all kinds of environments. It is a smart solution for your bagging needs.

The Band sealer SB 1000 uses the principle of transfer by conduction where fixed heating elements heat the bags by direct contract through a pair of bands. These bands have high thermal conductivity and move in synchronization with transport belts.

Power consumption: 889W

Voltage: 220-230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Sealing speed: speed range from 2,7m/min to 22,2m/min

Other models: Band SB 2000, Band SB 2000 Validatable, Band SB 3000, Band SB 4000


• Easy operation

• Low cost

• Reduced set up

• Easy maintenance

• Wider seals possible

• Simplified mainframe

• Hygienic

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